industrial, graphic and web design studio
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virtual and augmented reality
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industrial, graphic and web design studio
virtual and augmented reality
we design solutions for the art world
cloud based inventory management systems
portfolio and e-commerce cms websites
telepresence robots
augmented reality labels
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we design solutions for the art world
all design projects are appraised by our expert team of highly discerning and ever-vigilant felines.
Pioneers in Virtual and Augmented Reality since 2007.
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3D virtual spaces for education and enterprise
augmented reality platforms and applications
learning management systems
mixed reality systems
metaverse development

About Us

creative design agency
Trimensions is a multidisciplinary art, design and technology firm based in Delhi NCR, India. It was founded in 2007 by Rahul Dutta, a graduate of the prestigious National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. It was the first design agency in India to offer Virtual World and Augmented Reality services, and has won a number of awards in recognition of its contribution to technological innovation in India.

Multifaceted approach

Over our 8-year history, we have managed design projects ranging from small to enterprise level across a number of design projects. From graphic to web to industrial design, to virtual and augmented reality with a little bit of robotics and automation thrown in. We love working on new things, and each project provides us with a rich base of experience that is applied to all our subsequent work.


We see ourselves as enablers. It is our job to take high technology and apply design thinking to it so that it becomes easily usable by common people. Beyond simply executing projects, it is our mission to help people understand how best a particular aspect of technology can help them better their overall user experience. At the core of it, we see ourselves as a user experience design firm- it doesn't really matter what specific genre the project falls under. It could be automotive, web design or even virtual reality- our mission is to tailor it so that it is easy, fun and interactive to use.

We are experts in our fields

We are passionate about what we do

Polite, professional and precise

Our Services

Ideas that lead to new actions

Product Design

Product design services across a number of fields

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality services since 2008!

Art Services

Exclusive products and services for the Art World


Geography is no longer a limit to experience.

Virtual Reality

Offering VR and virtual world services since 2007.

Graphic Design

Click here to see our graphic design work


User experience and user interface design

Website design

Web services

We love learning and teaching new things

Our main service lies in opening creative doors in all we meet.

so, what do we do anyway?


a few selected works
Over the last 7-8 years, we've worked in a large number of different fields.Our basic philosophy is to inject design thinking and process into all our projects, to come up with unique and innovative solutions every time.

We love our work. And our work loves us!

We like long-term relationships when it comes to our clients and partners.


Our Team

We've been small and flexible since our inception. All of us are compulsive mega-taskers.

George-Victor Kutschera


Rahul Dutta


Ishvinder Maddh

Partner, Business Development

Heavena Singha

Social Media/SEO

Amarjyot Singh

Augmented Reality


Our main base of operations is on Arcturus III but it's likely we'll have an office on your planet or star system!


Contact Us

at our local office on planet Earth!
Trimensions Studios, K 9/27, DLF City Phase 2, Gurgaon, Haryana-122 002
Contact us using the form below, or call +91 9811778238
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