GoWeb3D Experiences

Trimensions designed GoWeb3D Experiences, which are set to transform the way people look at the Internet itself. Starting with our re-creation of the Qutab Minar, to a variety of spaces for every purpose, be it residential or landmark or workplace. Some of these are available for free demo or download from our site.

GoWeb3D auditorium
Conference Room
GoWe3D Conference Room GoWeb3D Classroom
GoWeb3D House GoWeb3D Duality Lounge
GoWeb3D Lounge GoWeb3D Obama Campaign Lounge
Association of Virtual Worlds

Trimensions designed and built the Web3D headquarters, office and auditorium for the Association of Virtual Worlds in June 2008.


Spaces include their headquarters, their virtual offices, and an auditorium for group interactions.


AVW headquarters
Office WebSpace for the Assocation of Virtual Worlds
AVW Office interior Association of Virtual Worlds Auditorium
Amul Virtual Ice Cream Parlours
The Indian dairy giant AMUL has been by far our favorite client since 2007. They constantly surprise us with the size and scope of their virtual visions, which in turn motivates us to bring them newer and more exciting technologies. In their very first interactions with us, for example, they wanted a complete 'virtualization' of their entire milk distribution system, so that all their millions of users could have an effective simulation and demonstration of the way they work!
This virtual ice cream parlour was set up on Second Life as a branding exercise and as a pilot to familiarize both AMUL members and general users. Launched in Jan 2008, it now has upward of 200 visitors a week, and we are in the process of revamping it with more interesting and interactive products and links to existing web resources.
They are also our first clients to recognize the possible value of theWeb3D spaces Trimensions is now offering, and we are working at present on their Web3D Ice cream parlour. Which, true to their tradition, will be the first of its kind in the country and accessible to all web users right from within the Amul website. Not being content with opening real ice cream parlours all over India, they now want to move into different worlds as well!
In the meantime, though, here's what the Second Life parlour looks like. You can enter it if you have a Second Life account by clicking on the image on the front page, or via the 'Virtual Spaces' link in the top menu.
Amul virtual parlour entrance Amul virtual parlour
Amul virtual parlour Amul virtual parlour
Mobile Laboratory

This was a highly interesting project for the National Science Center, Government of South Africa. We designed and built a 1:1 scale working simulation of this vehicle in Second Life! Our clients could enter, walk around and even be given a guided tour of the vehicles and their features live and in real time. Simulation included animations of working components, shelving and power systems.


This is a mobile Multipurpose vehicle for taking 4 people on extended field trips. It is required for a number of uses, ranging from field education to presentation and multimedia. The vehicle is required to be adaptable to a number of uses. One side of the vehicle can be folded out to form a canopy/work table. The control cabin is air conditioned, and has an access door into the lab area. There are storage cabinets integrated into the body, as well as portable ones. A small sink and washing area is included, with overhead tanks and pump for water storage.


There are multiple modes of power supply, switchable via a control panel. Gas tanks are stored underneath the chassis, with access leads on the interior/
exterior of the vehicle. There are solar panels on top of the vehicle as well as batteries and a small portable generator. Provisions can be made for sleeping areas as well.


Concept Mobile Laboratory for the National Science Center
Two full-scale, 'working' prototypes in Second Life
Bus interiors showing workstations Resr perspective showing driver's side foldout canopy
CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2007

CNN-IBN's initial presence on Second Life was an evolving space, with each new candidate coming in as they were announced on the show over successive days. The space itself allowed visitors to get a live streaming feed of the event as it happened, as well as browse image slide shows and other media. This space also showcased all the sponsors of the event, with signs clickable through to their websites. Most importantly, there was an option for Second Life users to vote via clickthough for their candidate.


This 1-acre space was designed both as a branding exercise and as a pilot to gauge viewer response and interactivity within virtual spaces. It remained online for six months, and had about 10-20 visitors a week post the event. The "CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2007" website also had a SLUrl based link to the Second Life space, though in beginning 2008 India stll had lamentably low resident figures.


CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2007
CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2007
CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2007 CNN-IBN Indian of the Year 2007

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