Trimensions is India's first company to offer you end-to-end services in Metaverse Development, Website design, Web3D and Augmented Reality.


Augmented Reality (or AR),is an exciting new way to bring the power of digital content and computing to people in the real world. Trimensions now provides end-to-end AR design and development services as part of its overall portfolio. We are excited about different ways to bring this level of ubiquitous technology to Indian users with a high level of adaptation to suit bandwidth, access and hardware conditions here. A demonstration of 3D content can be found here, and one on AR video streaming here. We are currently working on marker-based and markerless tracking, face and gesture recognition, and AR in public spaces.

Since 2007, we have been dedicated to helping the development of the Metaverse. Whether it is an entire themed virtual world on your servers, or an environment in a popular virtual world like Second Life, or even your own virtual showroom right on your website, Trimensions provides end-to-end services right from website to virtual world development and a number of related fields like branding and identity. We have  extensive experience in setting up browser-native virtual platforms, private server based virtual worlds, and have hugely expanded our developer and collaborator network across the world.

We are also focusing on 3D immersive learning and virtual education in this country, which is where we feel this exciting new technology will be of maximum benefit. Trimensions is into the development of educational and virtual learning systems using Augmented Reality, on the 3D Web as well as on popular virtual worlds like Second Life and platforms like OpenSim and Unity. We help educational institutions develop collaborative spaces, share resources, and communicate effectively with each other.



Software and Information Industry Association Innovation Awards, 2008NASSCOM IT Innovators Awards 2008NASSCOM IT Innovation Awards 2009


Trimensions won the SIIA EdTech Innovation award in 2008, and has been named one of India's top 50 IT innovators at the NASSCOM IT Innovation Awards 2008 and 2009 (as GoWeb3D) for its innovative use of 3D virtual spaces in education, entertainment and enterprise.

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